Wireless Water Meter DataLogger

GS828-WM is a wireless data logger reading water meter.
It logs and reports meter readings by GPRS or SMS.

It is a GPRS Data Logger connecting to Power Meter via Modbus protocol.
It reads data from power meter, logs into internal memory and uploads by GPRS.
Its sleep mode provides average 2 years operation with internal battery.

* RS485 Modbus Interface
* Support Modbus or Pulse Type Water Meter
* 2 Digital Inputs
* 2 Pulse Channels
* 2 Digital Outputs

Its internal 64KB memory logs more than a year data for one record each day.
Data can be uploaded to server at once a day to save power.
Flexible data logging interval starts from 1 minute up to 24 hours.

1) Real Time GPRS and SMS Data Upload
2) Integrated 16 bit MCU & Siemens GPRS Module
3) Programmable data input type & alert hi/low
4) Programmable Data Upload Interval & Logging Interval
5) Easy setup via RS232 by PC software
6) Remote Setup by SMS or GPRS
7) RS485 Port support data capturing via sensor devices
8) Support Dynamic Domain Name or Fixed IP, UDP / TCP protocol data transmission
9) Internal high capacity battery

Free Software:
[1] Data Logger Setup software is bundled for routine configuration via SMS remotely, or via RS232 port locally
[2] Data Logger Centre software is also provided for receiving data via GPRS.
[3] UDP/TCP Testing Tool is provided for easy communication testing and user development

* water pipes network real time monitoring - water in and out temperature
* oil/gas pipes network, pump stations
* underground water level real time monitoring
* environmental monitoring system - wind/temperature/humidity/CO2/pressure
* remote Industrial Equipment Monitoring
* rural Equipment Monitoring e.g. Power Plant
* measuring equipment data capture and report via SMS/GPRS

Product Origin: HongKong
Model Number: GS828-WM
Brand Name: 3GTrack

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