GPRS Server Software

GPRS Server Software

Premium Server is designed to cover most of the applications in the market.
It gives a hassle free operation of GS828 GPRS Data Logger.
Users do not need to worry about:
1. Receive data from Data Loggers via SMS and GPRS
2. Management of Server Setup
3. Detail display of data received by SMS
4. Detail display of data received by GPRS
5. Management of alarm messages
6. Delivery of command via SMS and GPRS
7. Management of database
8. Management of clients
9. Management of alarm by email, SMS and IP
10. Remote Data Loggers Setup

Live Display of:
* Data received from data loggers
* Data Logger health status
* Command sent to data loggers
* Data sent to Clients
* Command received from Clients

Supports receiving data via:
* RS232 Port

Support storing data in database:
1. MySQL
2. SQL Server
3. Oracle
4. Access
5. XML

Support multi data loggers:
* Batch Command
* Schedule Command
* Instant Command
* Clock Synchronization
* Save Configuration File
* Export Configuration File

Client Software:
- Each client will be alerted when temperature or humidity is over the preset
- Only client in the assigned group will be alerted
- Each client can monitor max. 4 devices in real time simultaneously
- Client is capable of retrieving historical data from Server
- Alert users via email

* water pipes network real time monitoring - water in and out temperature
* oil/gas pipes network, pump stations
* underground water level real time monitoring
* environmental monitoring system - wind/temperature/humidity/CO2/pressure
* remote Industrial Equipment Monitoring
* rural Equipment Monitoring e.g. Power Plant
* measuring equipment data capture and report via SMS/GPRS

Product Origin: HongKong
Model Number: GS828 Premium
Brand Name: 3GTrack

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Company Name: Sirius Microsysstems Co.
Contact Person: Daniel
Address: Unit 604, Tamson Plaza, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Zip: 518111
Telephone: 852-36919805
Fax: 852-21256458

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